Ashish Nanda has advised professional service organizations including asset management, accounting, advertising, consulting (engineering, human resource, IT, management, and strategy), executive search, investment banking, legal (law firms and legal and compliance departments), public relations, and real estate organizations; and human capital intensive organizations, such as pharmaceutical corporations, academic institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures in professional service space.

His work with these organizations has spanned strategic planning, organization design, governance systems, succession planning, compensation systems, recruitment and promotion practices, and leadership development.

Nanda has been an independent director on boards of public companies, private firms, and not-for-profit organizations, and an advisory board member for partnerships and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Examples of Advisory Engagements

  • As an external counselor, Nanda worked closely with the executive committee of a top law firm over several years as it navigated strategic, organizational, and leadership challenges.
  • Twice during a span of fifteen years, Nanda and a colleague worked with the senior leadership of a global professional service firm as it went through strategic reviews.
  • As an independent member of the Board and chair of its Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Nanda contributed strategic counsel and governance oversight to a publicly quoted international company.
  • Nanda worked with the Compensation Committee of a global law firm to redesign its compensation system such that it rewarded team-based and long-term relationship and brand building activities.
  • Nanda worked as an advisor and coach for the chief executive of an entrepreneurial valuation advisory and boutique investment banking company.