Custom Programs

Ashish Nanda has developed and taught executive education programs tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, and government officials. As an expert on leadership, strategy, and organizational change, he works closely with organizations to design and deliver tailored programs that deliver relevant and applicable educational experiences customized to meet the organization’s learning objectives.

Examples of Custom Programs

  • In consultation with leaders of a top law firm, Nanda developed and taught in a multi-stage training program for associates of the firm. Over the years, the program has been recognized as a trailblazer and benchmark in the legal services industry.
  • Nanda developed and delivered for several years a leadership program for Managing Directors of the Asset Management division of a major global bank.
  • Nanda led a faculty team that developed a program for senior officers of a major Indian government organization. Designed and delivered as an integrated offering by a top US business school and a top Indian management school, the program was appreciated for its content and impact.
  • Nanda and a colleague designed and delivered a program for partners of a leading accounting firm. Delivered to multiple cohorts over several years, the program was valued by participants and leadership for contributing to building a shared perspective on firm strategy and a strong firm culture.
  • For over a decade, in consultation with industry leaders, Nanda has developed and delivered a program that offers leaders in public relations companies leadership and strategy insights of relevance to their industry.