Speaking Engagements

Ashish Nanda speaks to groups and organizations, large and small, globally.  Topics that Nanda lectures on include leadership, ethics, strategy, and organization change. Contexts he speaks about are professional, international, and academic organizations.

Examples of Speeches

  • In February 2017, Nanda gave an Eminent Person Lecture, titled Rights and Responsibilities of the Public Professional, at the Central Vigilance Commission of Government of India in Delhi.
  • In August 2016, Nanda gave the 7th R.K. Talwar Memorial Lecture, titled Castles in Sand: India and the Tide of Globalization, to Indian banking industry leaders in Mumbai.
  • For over a decade, Nanda has annually given talks to law firm leaders at a legal industry gathering in the United States. In July 2016, the talk was titled Globalization: Inflection Point?
  • At a conference organized in January 2016 by the Singapore Ministry of Law, Nanda gave a talk on Legal Convergence Across Asia.
  • In September 2014, Nanda gave the Foundation Day Lecture, titled titled Human Capital Intensive Organizations: Global Developments and Implications for India at the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.